Glazing & Glass Work

Glass serves many uses in modern buildings. Insulated and specialty treated glass keeps in warm or cool air and provides good condensation and sound qualities; tempered and laminated glass make doors and windows more secure. In large commercial buildings, glass panels give office buildings a distinctive look while reducing the need for artificial lighting. The creative use of large windows, glass doors, skylights, and sunroom additions make homes bright, airy, and inviting.

Glaziers are responsible for selecting, cutting, installing, replacing, and removing all types of glass. They generally work on one of several types of projects. Residential glazing involves work such replacing windows, installing mirrors, shower doors, and bathtub enclosures. On interior commercial projects, glaziers install items such as room dividers or security windows. Glazing projects also involve the replacement of storefront windows for places like supermarkets, strip malls, and banks.

In the construction of large commercial buildings, glaziers build metal framework extrusions and install glass panels or curtain walls. Besides working with glass, they also work with plastics, Plexiglas, and other materials used as glass substitutes. They also mount steel and aluminum sashes and attach locks and hinges to glass doors.

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